Dr. Charles S. ShaverDr. Charles S. Shaverhttp://themetropolitain.ca/articles/author/254fraQuebec obstructs medicare portability and Ottawa does little to helphttp://themetropolitain.ca/articles/view/1678http://themetropolitain.ca/articles/view/1678Hospital care is fully portable across Canada, but unlike all other provinces and territories, Quebec has refused to sign a reciprocal agreement for physician services. Quebecers seeking medical treatment in another province usually find that the MD refuses to accept their provincial health card. Instead they must pay upfront and wait for partial reimbursement (often only half of the amount paid) from the Quebec government. This affects three major groups of persons.Quebecers may wish to visit friends and relatives in other provinces. Those with pre-existing conditions should not be deterred from travel for fear that they may develop an unexpected illness and face unaffordable up-front medical charges in another province.Dr. Charles S. ShaverSun, 17 Dec 2017 20:51:00 -0500