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David T. Jones

The running mate is fear

Par David T. Jones le 4 septembre 2008

Earlier in the campaign season, once Democrats and Republicans identified their presidential candidates, respectively Senators Obama and McCain, the next question for the chatterers was "Who will be the Veep (Vice President)."..

Artificial Cities

Par David T. Jones le 21 août 2008

When diplomats travel, they observe. Usually those observations are of the "foreign" countries to which they are professionally assigned or are encountering for professional reasons. But it can also be interesting--and even self-instructive--to play diplomatic observer in one's own country. Having recently been a first-time visitor to Las Vegas, Nevada; the national parks of Bryce Canyon and Zion, Utah; and Hoover Dam, Nevada, prompted a series of thoughts that might interest far-away Canadians...

Omar Khadr and the straining of Canadian virtue

Par David T. Jones le 7 août 2008

So Omar Khadr cried. And he wanted his mommy according to much publicized, recently released interrogation transcripts...

Why Harper got it right on McCain

Par David T. Jones le 10 juillet 2008

Cynics are inclined to conclude that a government that makes the right decision is akin to the proverbial blind pig finding an acorn. But such pigs do find acorns and, in the instance of the decision by the Harper government to see Senator John McCain during his June 20 visit to Ottawa, the Tories got it right...

Bernier-Couillard: A little southern sympathy

Par David T. Jones le 12 juin 2008

Sex sells. And a good sex scandal generates 360 degree, "24/7" attention. Thus Canadians (and Canada watchers around the world) have found the Bernier-Couillard saga a perfect foil for all sorts of analysis both light and ostensibly deep—certainly more than that accorded whatever serious issue a serious commentator would select for public attention...

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