Memo to Montreal’s mad marchers: Nazi salutes? You lose!

Par Beryl Wajsman le 13 juin 2012


nazi_salute.jpgThe sight of Montreal’s marchers giving Nazi salutes has gone viral around the world. These gangs of thugs have lost all credibility.

Yes, we know, some voices are calling for understanding of “context.” That these students were making a point that the police were fascists. Nonsense!

Justin Trudeau recently said in Parliament that the first party to invoke the Nazis or Hitler in a debate automatically loses. Memo to Montreal’s mad marchers: You lose!

These reprobates lose both ways. if they understood the significance of the salute they are hateful. If they didn't, at their ages, then they don't deserve any more education - free or paid - because it won't help. And here's an idea for some pushback. Anyone who knows the names of the people visible in the pictures should post them on social media and send them to us.

Context doesn't matter here. If anyone are fascist thugs it is the marchers. The essence of fascism is imposing control on the broad body of society. The police aren't paralyzing and intimidating citizens and students. These thugs are. The police didn’t start arrests for months. The marchers intimidated students, closed colleges, committed criminal trespass and destroyed private property from the beginning. They shouldn’t be given $600 tickets. They should be prosecuted under the criminal code. 

And those who would make the argument that the marchers’ leaders can't control all their followers doesn't wash. It is the very leaders who in their rhetoric hold elected officials to account for everything. Why shouldn't the student leaders be held to the same standard? They are willing pawns of the CSN, nascent Quislings, so if they can't control their own followers why don't they step down?

Another piece of disinformation making the rounds is that police took a mask away from a child who had it in his backpack. That is not true. The father used the child for cover. It so happens that freelance photographer Val Prudnikov sent us pictures of the child’s father holding the mask and putting it on. You can see them below.













Someone's right of expression stops when it brings to a standstill everyone else's right to peaceful enjoyment of their lives, running their businesses, getting around their city. The streets belong to all, but that doesn't give anyone the right to blow them up. No one has a right to bring a society to the edge of apprehended insurrection. These marchers are done. 

je_me.jpgThere was a very important documentary done by Eric Scott some years ago on the fascists in Quebec during the Second World War who followed Adrien Arcand. One very telling scene was a mass wedding ceremony with 50 couples giving the Nazi salute after their vows. The ceremony took place in Delormier Downs. Where the Montreal Royals baseball team played. Where Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. Collectivist goose-step mentality can no longer be tolerated. The marchers are on the wrong side of history.



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