Thomas O. HechtThomas O. Hecht 2 of 2 - Statist Islam: A continuing challenge to civilization History has a tendency to repeat itself. In the days of expansionist communist Russia, the country was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet Russian communist leadership was responsible for the murder of at least 20 million of their own people. The peaceful majority was irrelevant. Prior to that, 80 million Germans were not all confirmed Nazis, but they were irrelevant when Hitler and his murderous minions caused the death of one-third of the Jewish population in the world and brought about WWII. Thomas O. HechtThu, 03 Dec 2009 18:00:00 -0500PArt 1 of 2 - Statist Islam: A continuing challenge to civilization would have been unlike Prof. Samuel Huntington of Harvard University to say "I told you so" after 9/11. He is too austere and serious a thinker, with a legendary career as arguably the most influential and original political scientist of the last half of the 20th century – as always, swimming against the current of prevailing opinion.Thomas O. HechtWed, 04 Nov 2009 16:30:00 -0500