After Nice, a new freedom.. Now we dare!

Par Beryl Wajsman le 15 juillet 2016

It has always been a matter of some frustration that after every Jihadist slaughter too many western leaders and opinion makers bent over backwards to avoid calling the enemy by its name, drawing comparisons with other brutal dogmas and stating - with open candour - that we are in a war. A new type of war certainly. But a war nonetheless.

In the aftermath of the horror in Nice, something new is becoming evident. The "none dare call it.." mentality is being replaced by a "now they dare..." resolve.

From European heads of state to military and intelligence chiefs to Hillary Clinton, we are finally hearing the words "war," "Islamism," "Jihadists," and most important of all, "total victory." And as former CIA Director and Chair of the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies Amb. R.James Woolsey put it, "It is important to call things as they are. Without that, we cannot marshal the strength of free peoples to victory."

Those who have cautioned against clarity have used a specious argument. That argument has been that calling ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the other murderous armies "the enemy we must destroy" gives them some rarefied status and inevitably will lead to more western boots on the ground in the Middle East which is "exactly what these groups want." These apologists are wrong. Finally after Nice we are hearing a new vocal majority. Voices that are speaking truths we need to know, not just words we want to hear.

This enemy will not be talked down. No moral relativism based on "every culture's right to be wrong" will save one drop of innocent blood from these butchers who - in the words of the chief Imam of Hamas - "worship death more than the West worships life."

Finally after Nice, we are hearing the new vocal majority state what people need to hear. That whether it be from the air, or sea or on the ground, the free nations of the world will destroy - not just degrade - Islamism as they did Communism and Facism and Nazism. This new "ism" shall also be consigned to the dustbin of history.

To those of you whose hearts are filled with despair at the destruction in Nice and whose spirits are wrenched by disbelief - not only at the sight of lives brutally snuffed out, but at the images of celebration in parts of the Muslim world - we would tell you that despair is unwarranted. Unwarranted because these new tyrants, cloaked in theocratic garb, hate us in the West not so much for anything we do wrong, but precisely for what we do right. We live free. And at the end of the day, the determination of the free has always won out over the barbarians at the gates. 

After Nice we may be seeing a new freedom. One forged out of the blood and fire of the past fifteen years yet one that is becoming  unbridled by the myths and fears that have become so prevalent since 9/11.  A new freedom - speaking truth to politically correct power -  unwilling to submit to, nor acquiesce in, the twisted judgments of theocratic tyrants, demonic despots and their signed, sealed and delivered fellow travelers in many parts of the political, media and academic arenas. A new freedom, that understands that liberty and dignity - not merely appeasement and pandering - must be the ultimate goals of free societies. 

This new freedom states fearlessly that morality is not relative. That total evil does exist and must be eradicated. And that this is not incompatible with human compassion. Indeed it may be the most necessary ingredient to inspire it. If we are to correct the world, this must be done.

Let the Jihadi killers and haters know this: with each atrocity you are fanning the flame of freedom's torch as the Japanese did at Pearl Harbour. It rises higher and shines a brilliant light on eternal truths that rouse our passion and power. We will not be complicit in our own self-abnegation. We will not be disheartened by lips,  "... dripping with the words  of nullification and interposition," as Rev. King affirmed. No, we will draw renewed strength and righteous anger from unearned suffering. And in that righteousness, and with that strength, will continue to stand in the vanguard of the family of the free in this clash of civilizations. We will not disappear.... and we will overcome!


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