A tribute to Diana and David Nicholson's Wednesday Nights

Par Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone le 16 février 2011

The Nicholsons greeted me in their salon for the first time back in 1996. I was then a graduate student at HEC Montreal, completing a M.Sc. in International Business. I love debates, sharing ideas, learning about the arts, trade, diplomacy, and politics, among many other subjects.

There are few places where civil debates are still allowed, where ideas are shared and where great minds can meet. Wednesday Night’s is where this happens. Where true “thinking outside the box” takes place. Not your typical ”You must think this way” forum, but a true and honest exchange of ideas. I cherish the fact that opinions are welcomed and not shut down, where you are allowed to argue your point of view and often agree to disagree. It is a place where thinking differently is celebrated.

I love going to Wednesday Nights because I always meet fascinating characters, find business relationships, and more importantly develop friendships. David and Diana always ensure that the right connections between the invites are made and that the tone and environment promote great conversations. I met my husband, Kirby Brackstone, at Wednesday Night back in 1997. Kirby and I now live in Bermuda, but always go to Wednesday Nights when we are in Montreal. Diana is Kirby’s Godmother. We sure wish we could be closer to be part of their salon more often.

Kirby joins me in wishing David and Diana many more years of fascinating Wednesday Nights. May love, health and peace accompany them every week.


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