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The CSST and workers rights

Par Jack Locke le 11 février 2010

One day, Bob Morgan was happily working at his baking job when he was assaulted by a co-worker. The story is eerily reminiscent of the butcher who had a mishap while grinding beef to make sausage.\
The butcher was a skilled fellow with many years experience under his belt. As he was grinding the meat he realized he had to add more spices to the mixture. As he reached high atop the shelf, the pepper fell. When he tried to catch the falling container, he accidentally backed up into the meat grinder...

They handcuffed my son for reasons unknown

Par Jack Locke le 4 novembre 2009

handcuffs-bw_resize.jpgThey handcuffed my son for reasons unknown
Forced him down onto stone-cold ground
The boy's still a boy, but boy, has he grown.

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