Dare to dream! Passion is not the enemy of reason. Fear is. Commencement 2017

Par Beryl Wajsman le 15 juin 2017

Many  people will be graduating this month. They go forth at a time in history of great danger as well as great opportunity. They are surrounded by far too much sham and drudgery, but also by noble acts of selflessness and courage. Here are some thoughts for them, the class of 2017.

You will soon be leaving the comfortable world of academe for the much harder school of life. It’s waiting for you. Just there in the early morning. What you leave you should always remember. Keep these years of study and searching warm in your hearts, and remember the lessons of effort and striving. It is the truth you looked for. Never forget that goal in all your endeavors. It is pre-eminent of purpose.

Your education helped you turn from anticipation to promise. You have the skills to turn the sublime, sometimes fanciful, dreams of youth into realities that can shape your communities for the better. Use them. You have been privileged to see a more perfect world in the quiet air of learning. It helped you dare to dream. And whatever you dared dream you never asked “why?”, you always asked “why not?” Never stop daring to dream.

It is spring turning to summer now. Maybe that’s why commencement happens in this season. You go forth in the full crimson of the year. Crimson is a bold colour. Always remember to be bold. In your voyage of life you will see wayfarers who have been sidelined. Do not think less of them. Be bold and brave yes, but be compassionate as well. Never turn to arrogance. And never hide your feelings for fear some may think you weak. Remember always that between those who have privilege and those who are powerless there has been a fair amount of luck as much as talent. The vulnerable are no less human.

When the battles make you weary — and they will — never succumb to thinking it is too much. Soothe yourself with what is best in you and rally your over-wrought soul — and it will be that — with a light touch and firm resolve. If you grow weary because you chased social wants, put them aside for awhile. If you grow weary because of the flood of social lies, repel them by living true. Let not the race for gold and lucre make you bury the best in you.

Always strive to be content. But not by wrapping yourself in a cloak of apathy. Be involved with the tempers and passions of your times. Feel the great pulsations of peoples’ yearnings for redemptive change. Give what you can of yourself to whatever efforts you choose, because that work will see you through the stormiest nights into the light of thousands of new dawns.

You dipped into the future in your studies. You saw the wonders this world can be. To help achieve them you must strive for wisdom. Knowledge got you through school. Wisdom will see you through life. And do not cramp your passions. Passion is not the enemy of reason. Fear is. Do not live your lives afraid.

So as you go forth remember to rage ever forward. As the world spins, make peace with the clanging grooves of change. Harness them to your purpose. And through any and all adversity, remember that yours is a new generation born of a mighty wind. You are roaring ever skyward. Go forth and conquer.


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