Everlasting debt

Par Lawrence Rosenthal le 13 novembre 2008

A Candle Lit with torn heart,

bent fingers and worn hands.

A shining light, a beacon of memory,

of warm thoughts, and, everlasting love.


Cold stone cannot be the monument for the short life…

Life serving family, country and friends.

Spilt blood is sacrifice so great to pay

as blood still stains a family web.


Everlasting debt so great

so many tears shed for one so loved.

“O L-rd” May he rest in peace…

And may his memory not be forgotten.


He gave so much….he gave himself

oh what a price he paid.

So many died, so many mourn

and continue to yearn for the flesh of their flesh.


They went away so much before their time

So we can stay free.

The bent fingers, worn hands, and torn heart

grew weaker every day and

nights, oh yes, long nights followed by longer nights.


We make this day of remembrance

our surety that it was not in vain.

Our acts of witness

affirm that the price paid was for just cause.


Therefore love…

choose life…

live free…

he would have wanted us to.


L.G.R. 1974.


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